Bringing home a puppy

Olivia Hague-Delves | 16 May, 2018

            Bringing home a puppy

If you follow us on Instagram then you will know we got a puppy just a few weeks before Christmas, madness I know. And madness it was! Having a new puppy definitely competes with a new baby.

It only took my daughter, Michelle from the moment she could talk to convince us... 14 years later we got Bramley. We never mopped the floors so much!

Who knew a dog could demand so much attention? And to this day it's one hand on the keyboard with the other fighting with the tug rope with a dog attached.

There where a few anxious thoughts about what we should buy and what we actually needed for the pup. It wasn't a lot for toys, just all of our shoes to make chew toys out of!

We had to hide our shoes from the fashionista, choosing which looked good and which needed to be chewed up. Expensive help. 

But don't let that put you off! Every dog is different, you may be able to get work done. 

Now, we were a few anxious thoughts about bringing him home, we felt like we were on egg shells the first night but it was absolutely fine. He was actually better than any of my babies.

My son had come home from Uni just to see him, we were all super excited but we where cautious as we were worried he would pee on the way home.

We had his stuff for weeks, we were that excited.

To help we have created a checklist for you to have a nose at for when you're bringing home a new puppy.

Here is a checklist on all you would need when bringing home a puppy!

You can also see our Pinterest boards too @AFewHomeTruths

You can also save this checklist too! 

Good Luck!