Maid of Honour Checklist

Posted by Olivia Hague-Delves on

Now, Liv has pretty much planned her wedding but the only issue she has is that she doesn't have a groom... Tom Hardy is taken and the likelihood of Tom Hiddleston is very slim... Sorry, Liv. 

You may be the Maid of Honour but you too have some BIG responsibilities! Here is a checklist we have created to help you keep on top of it, it is downloadable too!

We know that there can be some Bridezillas out there and everything MUST be perfect!! Something is bound to slip you mind but fear not! Our checklist to being the BEST Maid of Honour you could be is a simple click away.

Everything on this list will prevent you being sacked as Maid of Honour. You need to be there for the Bride, keep her calm, keep the bridesmaids in check and be there when the Bride needs you.

Good Luck!!

BTW, Pinterest is the BEST for ideas so check out ours!

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