Me and My Cat Room Ornament

A gorgeous engraved walnut star to remind you of your four pawed friend - knowing that a cat has chosen to spend time with you is such a treat!

On the star it says ‘Home is where the cat is, Love Flame’ but obviously it would be from your own Fabulous Feline.

Inside the walnut star is a smaller white acrylic star and cut out in that is a cherished paw print for your furry friend.

This gorgeous gift is for any kitty parent. It is personal and it’s a beautiful gift for Cat Mother’s Day or Cat Father’s Day.

It comes in a box with the words ‘Me and My Cat - A perfect ball of whiskers, purring and cuddles’ shining in gold foil.

Each of our products has been designed and manufactured by our small team in Liverpool. If you would like any small changes or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to make the gift even more special you can add an A6 gift card with a heart design.

Your star comes wrapped in acid free white tissue paper with a generous amount of string for your gift to be hung anywhere.

Made From: Walnut star with a generous amount of natural twine.
Dimensions: The star measured 8cm x 8cm and comes in a 12 x 10 cm box.