Fingerprint Wedding Guestbook

This fingerprint wedding guestbook makes a unique way to remember the day as well as being great fun for all the guests!

It features over 50 faces waiting to be brought to life by the placing of a fingerprint on the face. They are grouped in the shape of a heart surrounding the happy couple. This is a unique wedding idea to make your day really stand out.

If there are likely to be over 50 guests (or very keen fingers!) then there are small hearts around the page which can also be used.

At the bottom there is space to add the name of the bride and groom together with the date of their wedding or whatever you would like!

You can choose from a wide range of colours - the bride's crown, text and heart outlines will all use that colour.

There is also the chance to choose which characters you would like to represent the bride and groom. Just look at the images on the product and write in the code for the pictures you would like me to use. If either wears glasses then please let me know and I will pop those in also!

The print comes in standard A4 and A3 sizes and so is easy to frame afterwards as a very special lasting reminder of the day.

It is suggested the A4 size is more suitable for smaller fingers, whilst the A3 gives plenty of room for adult fingers to stretch!

You can also buy high quality, non-fading ink which is big enough for a finger to fit nicely on it. Alternatively this ink is widely available in art shops.

The print comes with an instruction sheet so that guests quickly get the idea of what to do! I suggest some baby wipes at the side may also be a good idea...

At the end of the party some people choose to fill in any gaps with their own fingerprint - it's completely up to you!

made from:

Our prints are printed on premium 230gsm matte art paper with high quality inks.

We will email a proof of your artwork.


Unframed 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4) or 42 x 29.7 cm (A3)