Dog Angel Memorial Keepsake

This memorial Christmas tree ornament is a beautiful keepsake for a dog lover whose pet has crossed the rainbow bridge.

This lovely keepsake ensures you will never be far away from your best friend at a family time of year. Our design covers a likeness of your dog with a huge selection of breeds shown in our image sheets. Each dog has a pair of angel wings attached to them. This is a beautiful keepsake pet memorial which will be appreciated as a Christmas gift for dog lovers.

The white acrylic is hard wearing and the image is heat pressed to produce a durable image.

We have a wide selection of dog breeds and colours to choose from and if your breed isn't shown please message us and we will try and help. If you would like your very own treasured photo to be used as the basis for a bespoke illustration, please choose that option and we will message you to ask for the photo.

Each of our products has been designed and manufactured by our small team in Liverpool. If you would like any small changes or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us


We have most of the popular breeds in various colours and are adding to these daily. If we don't have what you want, message us!

Airedale Terrier | Akita | Alaskan Malamute| Basset Hound | Beagle | Bedlington | Bernese Mountain Dog | Bichon Frise | Border Collie | Border Terrier | Boxer | Bulldog | Bull Mastiff | Catalan Sheep Dog | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Cavapoo | Chihuahua | Chow Chow | Cockapoo | Cocker Spaniel | Corgi | Dachshund | Dogue de Bourdeaux | English Bull Terrier | Euransian | French Bulldog | German Shepherd | German Pointer | Goldendoodle | Golden Retriever | Gordon Setter | Great Dane | Greyhound | Husky | Jackapoo | Jack Russell | Kelpie | Lab-Collie | Labradoodle | Labrador | Lhasa Apso | Lhasa Poo | Long Haired Terrier | Lurcher | Maltese | Old English Sheep Dog | Patterdale Terrier | Patterpoo | Pinscher | Pharaoh | Pomchi | Pomeranian | Poodle | Pug | Red Setter | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Rottweiler | Schnauzer | Schnoodle | Sharpei | Shiba Inu | Shih-Tzu | Springer Spaniel | Saint Bernard | Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Tibetan Terrier | Vizsla | Weimaraner | Welsh Terrier | West Highland | Westie Jack Russell | Working Cocker Spaniel | Terrier | Whippet | Yorkshire Terrier

made from:

White acrylic


70mm diameter