The best box for new Mums. The only box with a monthly boutique bodysuit celebrating baby's development

An indie-designed exclusive bodysuit to mark each month’s “birthday.” Every box has a nursery rhyme to sing along to & an artisan-made gift such as mitts, socks, etc. Plans can start as early as birth. Two upgrades are possible: one to personalize the items and the other to chart baby’s progress and experiences in a beautiful book – see below.


All items are boutique-designed and handmade EXCLUSIVELY for this box. 


The classic box, order this and you will receive a bodysuit detailing your baby’s age, a surprise gift and a nursery rhyme.


This box will include a beautifully made, handcrafted wooden book with the first sheets to chart baby’s progress and experiences. Every following month will include experience, development and photos sheets to pop in the book to build a beautiful keepsake. Make this the memory book you remember to fill in – it is easy to get behind with the sleepless nights, feeds and nappy changes, but being prompted every month by receiving new sheets it will remind you to fill in the milestones!


Each month you will receive the bodysuit, nursery rhyme and surprise gift, but the bodysuit and gift will be PERSONALISED with baby’s name.


All bodysuits and gifts over the year will be personalised with baby’s name, plus you will receive the handcrafted wooden keepsake book and memory sheets. This combined box will truly give a wonderful reminder of the first year your baby spent with you.


Ships FREE worldwide. Perfect gift from grandparents living away from baby. The boxes can be started at any point until 9 months old.

Jane R

Mum to Stevie

I love the My World Awaits Box. Having a manageable set of sheets delivered each month has made it so easy and fun to keep a record of Stevie's landmarks and the book binder is really cute. The babygrows are lovely and make brilliant keepsakes for each month.

Sophie P

Mum to Nylah

This is such a cute idea! I love that I can show off the baby to friends and family and they can keep track of how old she is by looking at the babygrow design! The team is really helpful too if you have any questions.

What size should I order?

We will follow the bodysuit size guides unless you advise otherwise. 0-3 month (length neck to crotch 22 -25 inches, up to 12 lbs) 3-6 months (length neck to crotch 25 -27 inches, up to 18 lbs) 6-9 months (length neck to crotch 27 -30 inches, up to 21 lbs) 9-12 months (length neck to crotch 30-32 inches, up to 24 lbs).

As your boxes progress we will adjust the bodysuit sizes according to baby's age.

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