The perfect personalised gifts for grandparents

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Finding gifts for grandparents can be difficult with a range of generic ‘grandma’ and ‘grandad’ gifts out there.  You want something with a personalised touch...something that could be for a birthday, or an anniversary present or even just a little something to say ‘I love you’. This gift could be giving the grandchildren an opportunity to have a bit of fun in looking at what would be best for their grandma and grandad.

Anyone can get a grandparents gift but why not add a bit of flair to it? …Or even a face?

The best gift for grandad and grandma

From what sell, I’ve found that the best grandparents' gifts are the Personalised Grandad Gift mugs and the Personalised Grandma Gift mugs.

They are so fun and easy to personalise too. You can choose the hair colour and style, the eye colour and any other special features. And the grandchildren can get involved too by choosing which designs that they think best represents their grandparent.

How you can personalise the gifts for grandparents

Gifts for Grandad - personalised mugThere are plenty of options for you to replicate your grandad or grandma’s features. In the image beside you will be able to see how you can personalise the face.

By choosing the hair colour, the style, the eyes and some special features (glasses, beard, and lashes) and of course, what make a grandparent? WRINKLES! (Sorry Grandad and Grandma…)



Gift from grandchildren for grandad with moustache

Gifts for Grandma - personalised mug
This is a design of a ‘Grandad’ mug. The design finishes on the rim of the mug and it appears as his head. You can design your own grandad by personalising the main features. This is a design of a ‘Grandma’ mug. The design finishes on the rim of the mug and it appears as her head. You can design your own gift for grandma by personalising the main features.

A little something extra for your grandad and grandma

What else could make this gift for your grandparent more fun? Well, how about a recipe for a MUG CAKE!

With your purchase, will send you a recipe for a cake that can be made in a microwave… GENIOUS!

I’m sure Grandmas gift of a mug will be even better with a quick, scrummy cake recipe. And I’m certainly sure that Grandads gift of a mug would be too!


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