Spring Cleaning is good. Promise!

Olivia Hague-Delves | 06 April, 2017

            Spring Cleaning is good. Promise!

Spring is definitely one of my favourite times of year, it’s amazing and the start of a colourful season. It is also a time in which you can do an incredible clean of your bedroom or your entire home. Depending on how brave you are… Or dedicated.

  • Now I like to start from the top… Literally. Here’s a few tips.
  • Write yourself a list of ALL the rooms you are going to do.
  • Use eco-friendly products (less chemicals breathed in).
  • Make piles either in your hall or on your landing.
  • Have those piles dedicated… Charity, the Rubbish Tip, Recycling, Trash.
  • Start with the bathroom, it allows the cleaning products to sit for a time whilst you carry on.
  • Any clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months GET RID!
  • Dust EVERYWHERE and don’t forget to open your windows to ventilate your house.
  • Natural products are so good!
  • Vacuum… vacuum EVERYWHERE.
  • Yep, a spring clean also means your oven, windows, refrigerator and even your sofas.
  • Get rid of that jar of half eaten pickles, you haven’t eaten them for ages… BIN ‘EM!

But just think about all your hard work being put in, your house looking so fresh and you feeling an amazing sense of accomplishment. Doesn’t that sound good? To finish off you could get some fresh flowers and place them in your favourite room. The good thing about this too is that you realise what you actually didn’t need and what you do need. You could even make a list of things you need, this can include replacing or simply a shopping list to get some new trainers, duvet cover, water bottle, door handle… Anything!

Don’t forget to give yourself a break though, not a break that means you will probably sit down and then never get back up again. A break with a coffee and a cheeky biscuit. You’ll work it off cleaning up anyway.

Good luck!