Mustaches and Movember

Olivia Hague-Delves | 27 October, 2016

            Mustaches and Movember

Movember is a charity event that happens all over the world in the month of November. It is an event where men don't shave their mustache or even their beard for the full 30 days in order to raise money for the Movember charity for men's health. The foundation raises awareness on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illness', and suicide prevention. The Movember Charity have raised over £443 Million since starting in 2003.

Here are some very famous mustaches that you may recognise.

Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan is an American retired professional wrestler who is world famous and was the world champion in the 1980's. He is also recognised thanks to his unusually shaped mustache. He is also a passionate animal rights activist.

Salvador Dalí

Much like his art work, Salvador Dali's mustache was just as surreal. It was voted the most famous mustache worldwide, of all time. Dalí said that his mustache is the most serious part about him. The Spanish painter was expelled from the School of Fine Arts for his role in causing ‘an unrest’, and he visited Paris, meeting Pablo Picasso.

Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin was one of the most well known actors of the 20th Century. He once entered a competition in Charlie Chaplin look-a-likes.... Coming 3rd!! After he died, his body was stolen by grave robbers in an attempt of extortion from his family. 11 weeks later his body was found again and was buried once more but in 6ft of concrete. He made 82 films and played Hitler in The Great Dictator whom he is 4 days older than.

Albert Einstein

Einstein was born in Germany in March 1879. He is most known for his publication of his Theory of Relativity. He played the violin and enjoyed sailing bit hated getting his hair ct and socks. After Einstein had died, his brain was taking against his wishes, stolen by a pathologist and kept for 40 years. In 2010, Harvey's heirs transferred all of his holdings constituting the remains of Einstein's brain to the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

Fu Manchu

An iconic beard and also the how the beard is known to us now. Dr Fu Manchu is a fictional character in a series of books written by British author Sax Rohmer. He was an evil criminal genius. He holds 4 doctorates. The character spent years to perfect his 'Elixir of life' in order to increase his life span. In the earliest books, Fu Manchu is an agent of the secret society, the Si-Fan, and acts as the mastermind behind a wave of assassinations targeting Western imperialists.

Martin Luther King JR

King Jr is known for his actions in fighting segregation and inequality. In doing so, he traveling more than 6 million miles around America and spoke publicly more than 2500 times. King Jr didn't just focus on civil rights but he began a campaign against poverty and urban inequality. His speech 'I have a dream' is world famous and he is the only non-president with a national holiday in his honour.

So, how about those for iconic mustaches?

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