A Gift for the First Day of School

Olivia Hague-Delves | 29 June, 2017

            A Gift for the First Day of School

Now everyone remembers their first day of school. Mine was certainly memorable. New shiny, light up shoes. Ironing my ‘baby clothes’. And a very embarrassing picture of me on my first day in my fresh, new uniform with a very enthusiastic grin and one of my famous DIY fringes that I actually still do today. But they are much better now than then. Although, I do remember a boy stealing the iron off me and running away with it… 17 years later and I still haven’t forgotten. For some reason that certain memory has imprinted in my mind.

At this time of year places at Primary Schools and Nurseries are being accepted and filled. So we came up with an idea for a gift that would be a beautiful memento. It could be for you or a member of your family. Maybe a grandparent.

The gift we created is a lovely photographic, origami heart that is folded in perfect detail for the image to complete in the middle of the first day in a fresh uniform that you know will have some form of hole or stain in at the end of the first week of school. You can also personalise it with a message. On ours we have ‘Sophie’s First Day of School’.

Our personalised origami First Day of School Gift makes a wonderfully unique gift for a memory of a child's first day of school. This would be a beautiful memory for your little one and especially for doting grandparents.

It is one of the greatest journeys we embark on, education, so be sure to have the greatest keepsake to match.

A recipient for this gift would be Gran and Grandad who wouldn’t have been there to see your little ones first day. Or a beloved God-mother, God-father, Auntie or Uncle. Whoever you decide to give it to, this gift will certainly be cherished.