21st Birthday Gift Personalised 1999 Mug

  • £15.00

This personalised 21st Birthday mug records key events from their birth year 1999 - a perfect gift for an 21 year old.

For the birthday boy or girl who has maybe over indulged on their coming of age a nice cuppa is just what is needed for that dreadful hangover!

1999 was an extraordinary year - once their head has cleared the recipient will be reminded of all that happened in the year they were born.

Look very closely and you will see all sorts of fascinating information. And... taking pride of place under "1999" you can add the name of the birthday boy or girl.

Be as inventive as you like in this part to make it as personable as possible. For instance "Jake, more often seen with lager than a cup of tea"

If you wish, you can also add a message at the top. For instance "Love Emily x"

Our mugs are individually hand-printed and packaged in smashproof boxes to ensure safe arrival.

made from:

Durham Style 10 oz Porcelain Mug

Handwashing is recommended


Height: 91mm Outside Diameter: 80mm

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