18th Birthday 'Sleep Is Just Like' 1999 Print

This humorous 18th birthday gift was inspired by my own sleepy 18 year old! Fill in what they love as much as sleep?

For anyone living with someone born in 1997 this humorous personalised print will strike a chord. It features the words "Sleep is just like fun, there is never enough".

If you want to change the word 'fun' then just let me know. I am happy to include whatever you like!! For my son, pizza would be very appropriate...

A sleepy looking owl perches on a branch - how many times does that sad little drained face appear at around 3pm?!

To make this extra special then a name can be included in the banner at the top eg "For Sarah" and 'Happy 18th' can be included on a slightly enlarged heart. The example image shows this in more detail.

This gift is sure to raise a smile - only don't wake them too early to give it to them!

There is a choice of two colour schemes: blue and red or pink and lilac.

made from:

Our prints are printed on premium 230gsm matte art paper with high quality inks.


Unframed 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4) or 42 x 29.7 cm (A3)