Doggy Ice-Cream Recipe

Olivia Hague-Delves | 09 May, 2018

            Doggy Ice-Cream Recipe

Phew, how warm was it this weekend? I'd say we were pretty lucky! BUT! We know when and how to cool ourselves down easily. The same can't be said for our four legged friends.

I used to make this recipe for my pup all the time, he loved it and it is so simple to do! It takes 10 minutes our of your day which is nothing compared to keeping your doggy cool enough to still enjoy the nice weather them selves. 

It is pretty close to getting those hot temperatures that the weather man keeps promising us so I thought I would share a Doggy Ice-Cream recipes that I used to give my pooch all the time! And it always went down a treat!

So you’re going to need –

A non-stick plastic box

2 TBSP Honey

250g Melted Peanut Butter (smooth)

A Banana

And 450 ml plain yoghurt (preferably low fat)


The mixing part is pretty simple, mash it all together and stick in the freezer over night!

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